This music video is the clearest one there is and you can clearly tell that back in the good ole days when Katy and Matt dated, this song came around and they made this music video but the song was never released by Katy.

The music video was however. And I have just discovered it and I’m really excited cause I love Katy and I love Matt and the rest of Relient K and I really wish I was old enough to appreciate them dating when they did.

I personally think they should get together again since they /are/ both single….. Just saying

Anyway, this song went along and got recorded and released by Kelly Clarkson in 2009. That version sucks let me tell you that. I owned that album and never listened to that song once and I’m glad I didn’t.




A special announcement from Dave Douglas. In case you missed it yesterday.

His handsome smile

His gorgeous eyes

His eyebrows everytime he says mmhmm